Renée Hamilton-McNealy currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area offering customized live body painting for events and editorial body art.

As a child, Renée Hamilton-McNealy born to artistic parents with a large family of 8 children, entered the world of artistry when her second grade teacher realized what she was scribbling was worthy of being deemed fine art. Renee attended many exhibitions where her paintings were displayed in Palm Beach, FL art galleries.

As a Visual Artist, Renée enhanced her self-taught artistry with advanced studies in Aesthetics and transformed her canvas to that of the human face and body.

As a business professional and supporter promoter of continued and higher level education, she is a Licensed Esthetician and holds 3 degrees to include a Master’s of Business Administration, Finance.

With view of the human body as the ultimate example of fine art, Renée is ever ready to bring art alive from the mind to the brush.